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Two hundred and fifty years ago in the Ukranian city of Berditchov, a great Chassidic master guided his followers along a passionate and uplifting path. With his actions, he conveyed the excitement and beauty of living life as an eved Hashem; with his words, he taught them exalted teachings filled with the bright light of his soul. Those teachings instilled in the chassidim a tremendous awe, love, and yearning for Hashem. Peering through the window of his messages, they were able to catch glimpses of heaven.

Sparks from Berditchov seeks to draw the beautiful teachings of Rav Levi Yitzchak out of the quaint cobblestone streets of Berditchov and carry them into the twenty-first century, using the fire within to kindle the neshamos of our generation.

In this beautiful book, the teachings in Kedushas Levi are illuminated by the words of a diverse spectrum of Torah leaders such as Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the Ba’al HaTanya, R’ Chaim of Volozhin, Ramchal, and the Peleh Yoetz. Together, they form a complete guide toward an exhilarating avodas Hashem, and, thereby, toward a life bursting with utmost meaning and fulfillment.

In our generation, where a Yiddishkeit bursting with relevance, beauty, and life has frozen over, it takes brilliant sparks of inspirational fire to warm up our souls. Sparks of chizzuk. Sparks of emunah. Sparks from Berditchov.

“From the depths of the Kedushas Levi, Yaakov Klein has drawn lessons filled with the fire and love of that awe-inspiring tzaddik to quench the thirst of a generation longing for Nishamasa d’Oraysa, the Soul of the Torah… He has an uncanny ability to highlight the immediate modern-day relevance bursting forth from the Rebbe’s incredible sefer… I am confident that many thousands will benefit from the delicious “bikkurim” of this exceptional ben aliyah and begin to find their own way through Hashem’s orchard.”

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

“R’ Yaakov Klein succeeds remarkably in capturing the essence of this illustrious Chassidic master, and so eloquently conveys the power and profundity of his deep and inspired teachings. You gave us all a most special gift, R’ Yaakov, and left us elevated and exhilarated. Thank you, mei’umka d’liba, for sharing this incredible spiritual guide with us all.”

Rabbi Eitan Feiner


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