Spreading the Wealth: Masmid Govoha Partners with Schools Across the Nation to Raffle a Sefer Torah 


After historic successes with previous fundraising campaigns – helping raise almost $2,500,000 for the families of the Har Nof terror victims, and more recently, assembling close to $1,800,000 to purchase a new yeshiva building for children in Orlando — the ever-energetic Ira Zlotowitz is on to his next project. This project will raise funds for yeshivos and girls schools across North America.

Zlotowitz’s signature organization is the 20-year-old Masmid Govoha, the innovative project that motivates over three thousand boys yearly to commit to extra-curricular learning, on their own time. Ever imaginative, Zlotowitz is now introducing a unique new fundraiser. What sets Masmid Govoha’s newest effort apart from the norm is that it is not raising money from you for itself. Rather, this Raffle Campaign is to raise money from you – for YOUR own favorite institutions.

Ira ZlotowitzThe drawing will take place during this Chol Hamoed Succos 5777. The winner will receive $36,000 earmarked for the writing of a new Sefer Torah. In addition, the winner will receive $1,000 toward his personal Hachnasas Sefer Torah celebration.

Seventy-five percent of the raffle proceeds will go directly to the schools designated by the donors. The school principals will commit to use the funds for programs to benefit individual children, not for the school’s general fund. Ten percent of the first million dollars in proceeds will be divided among institutions that help bring Torah and mitzvos to children, namely: Torah Umesorah, Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, Pirchei, and Avos Ubanim.

Masmid Govoha is organizing this campaign and bearing the entire expense. Only fifteen percent of the proceeds will be used to fund Masmid Govoha’s ongoing chinuch programs. (The prize money will come exclusively from Masmid Govoha.)

In short, any school from anywhere in the country may become a partner in this campaign. Once a school joins, a donor can direct his money to that school. The school’s principal will receive the funds and use it for programs he feels will best serve his or her students.

Ira Zlotowitz explains why he is undertaking this new project. “Masmid Govoha was founded to help kids learn. We don’t pretend that we know what’s best for every talmid and talmidah. Aside from the parents, the people in positions to know that are the principals, the rebbeim and morahs. By giving the money directly to them, we are helping the children in the best possible way. That’s why we want the proceeds to go to the principals.”

Another aspect of the Sefer Torah campaign follows Masmid Govoha’s principle of getting “the most bang for your buck.”

When you purchase a raffle ticket for the Sefer Torah Campaign, Masmid Govoha allows you to dedicate any part of the Sefer Torah — from a single letter to a whole Parsha, the choice is yours! (For information for how much the various dedications are and for other details, please see Masmidgovoha.org)

To sum it up, this campaign is all about choice. Choosing where you want your money to go; choosing what you want to dedicate. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one ultimate choice:

The Torah says uvacharta bachaim – you should choose life. Torah is life. It’s up to us to either embrace the Torah or chas veshalom leave it. It is our mission – our privilege– to choose Torah. Masmid Govoha’s mission is to help you spread Torah. This campaign allows us all to accomplish our holy missions together.

For more information, contact:

Usher Egert | Administrator
Masmid Govoha
Office: (732) 917-6886
Mobile: (848) 240-4321



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