STAR OF THE NIGHT: Watch Donald Trump Jr.’s Speech at the Republican National Convention


Donald Trump Jr. praised his father’s “common sense” and attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a speech at the RNC Convention on Tuesday night. In reference to the Benghazi scandal, Trump Jr. said, “Secretary Clinton’s state department ignored their request for help on the night in question and in the weeks and months leading up to the attack.” “It was a tragedy and one that would be repeated should she win the election,” he warned.

To much applause, he went on to describe his father as a gifted leader who could turn the country around. “His true gift as a leader is that he sees the potential in people that they don’t even see in themselves,” Trump Jr. said, listing off all of his father’s admirable traits. According to him, his father would be the type of president “who says what needs to be said and not just what you want to hear.” Read more at ABC NEWS.




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