Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Drinks Today

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On Thursday, August 29, Starbucks is hosting one of its most expansive Happy Hour promotions to date with a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) drinks.

Here’s how to get the deal: Download the Starbucks mobile app. When you open it up, the offer will be hanging around in the in-app inbox. You do not have to be a rewards member to take advantage of the promotion, though you do get points toward more free drinks if you’re a member.

Stop into a participating Starbucks from 3pm to close on August 29 and get BOGO hand-crafted drinks, size grande or larger.

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  1. Si paas nisht for a Ben Torah to walk into such a store. B”H there are plenty of heimishe owned stores that sell every drink you can think of.

  2. To Ah Bissel Seichel –
    Why is it that you assume that just because YOU live/work in an area where “there are plenty of heimishe owned stores” that everyone else does ? How closed minded and self self centered is that!! The world does NOT revolve around YOU.


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