Start of Zeman at Bais Medrash D’Spring Valley Postponed

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rav-chaim-ozer-gorelickThe after-effects of the recent storm in the Northeast are still being felt by millions of people. Tens of thousands of Yidden in various locales are still without power. As reported exclusively here yesterday, the massive and rare October snowstorm that slammed into the region on Shabbos caused dozens of New York yeshivos to postpone the beginning of the winter zeman or force the zeman to commence in temporary locations.

Yeshiva Ohr Hameir of Peekskill, NY, and Yeshiva Gedolah of Paterson, NJ, were both severely impacted.

In Monsey, NY, thousands of people have suffered from power outages following a snowfall of about 10-12 inches and still remain without power. Across the region, people were stuck in their homes without heat, as the temperatures dropped below freezing. Various yeshivos are closed as a result of the outages.

The beginning of the zeman at Bais Medrash of Spring Valley, under the leadership of Rav Chaim Ozer Gorelick, has been postponed until tomorrow at 11 a.m., as confirmed to by Rav Moshe Schwab, dean of Yeshiva Degel Hatorah, Mesivta Maamar Mordechai and Bais Medrash of Spring Valley.

On Rosh Chodesh Elul, Bais Medrash D’Spring Valley opened its doors under the leadership of Rav Gorelick, who previously served as a R”M at the Philadelphia Yeshiva and is known throughout the Torah world as a world-class talmid chochom. The yeshiva is comprised of a group of exceptional talmidim and has seen great hatzlacha thus far. Rav Gorelick is intimately involved with the bochurim, davening all three tefillos with them and spending the entire first and third sedorim with them.

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  1. go visit some family or friend who does have power! much of spring valley has and i just heard south monsey got theirs back too… good luck!

  2. Rav Gorelick’s father was a “one in a generation” Rav. Sharp as a chalef and kind as kind could be. I am sure it is a zchus to learn under his son.


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