State Dep’t Believes Clinton Has Handed in All Her Work Emails Because Her Staff Says So


hillary-clintonFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her personal email account — reportedly on her own private server — to conduct all her official government business, but don’t worry, the State Department assumes she’s now handed in every one of her work-related emails — because her staff says so.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf was asked at last week’s briefing if she is “pretty confident” that all of Clinton’s work emails from her personal account are now in the State Department’s possession.

“What I’m saying is, her staff has stated that anything related to her work has been given to the State Department,” Harf said.

“And you have no reason to doubt that,” the reporter followed up.

“Exactly,” Harf replied. “But you know, this is obviously a confirmation her staff has to make.”

Official government records must be preserved, in accordance with the Federal Records Act, but the White House says it’s up to each agency to set the rules for how those official records are managed.

Harf said there was no State Department prohibition on Clinton using her personal email account to conduct official business while she was secretary of state; nor is there any such prohibition now. Harf also said there was no requirement that Clinton turn over those emails for preservation by the State Department within a certain time-frame.

Clinton has now turned over 55,000 documents from her personal email account, the “vast majority” of them either to or from email addresses, Harf said.

“Those 55,000 documents, which her staff has said is anything related to her work, was turned over. So her staff has said that is everything. It has now been given to the State Department and are part of the permanent record.”

Although Clinton could have used both a classified and an unclassified email address at the State Department, she never did:

According to Harf, “she had other ways of communicating through classified email through her assistants or her staff, with people, when she needed to use a classified setting.”


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  1. We don’t see this problem with Kerry.
    Nor did we see this with Burns, Rice, Powell, Albright, etc… WHY IS HILLARY SO SPECIAL THAT SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS, WHEN SHE WANTS??? Why do the disgusting media always let her get away with everything? Are they scared of the Clinton machine? Are the voters that stupid?


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