State Dept. Wins Clinton Email Fight

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The State Department has determined that two emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server will be designated as “secret” instead of “top secret.”

The intelligence community wanted the latter designation for the emails which pertain to North Korea’s nuclear program.

The State Department withheld 22 emails last month that had the “top secret” information, reportedly pertaining to the CIA’s drone program.¬†Read¬†more.



  1. So what? Even if it’s only SECRET, she is liable to arrest, jail and/or fine.

    Some of her e-mails are alleged to be TS//SAR, which – if proven – could lead to more serious consequences. Under certain circumstances, thic could include execution, but I don’t think it’s applicable here.

    • No, she isn’t. You didn’t read the article. It said,

      “The State Department, which had insisted the information was not classified at all”

      She headed the State Department. It was ultimately her call as to whether this was classified information. Were she still the Secretary of State she could overrule the FBI and CIA and declassify them. I used to get this kind of stuff declassified all the time when I had a security clearance.

  2. How is it that this once great nation allows Hillary to get away with crime after crime and she NEVER gets prosecuted and walks scott free? Are the taxpayers that stupid that they keep falling for that “hands off Hillary” because she has had “such a difficult life” and everyone is always after her, even though she keeps making millions off of Wall Street?? What will it take, to throw her out of public life?


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