State Police Beef Up Presence at Kiryas Yoel

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kiryas-yoelState Police say they have daily patrols in the Village of Kiryas Yoel in recent days because they want the community to know they are being protected. The trooper brass also said they won’t tolerate anymore of large crowds congregating, vandalizing and overturning vehicles. One car was flipped last weekend during three days of unrest that brought out State and local police in large numbers.

Monroe State Police Barracks Commander Capt. Steven Nivens Thursday said they need to establish a sense of law and order in the village.

“It has become socially acceptable in KJ to…get a group of 300 to 700 to 1,000 people and cause disturbances and these disturbances are getting progressively more dangerous,” he said.

One resident, Moshe Klein, said people feel “terrorized” by the State Police, who are issuing tickets for vehicle and traffic violations.

“The people here really feel they are being targeted by the State Police now,” he told

Another resident, Yoel Lieberman, said other communities wouldn’t tolerate what the troopers are doing in Kiryas Yoel.

A group in the village is circulating a flyer saying the State Police are conducting a “ticket blitz” and that they are hiring an attorney to fight it.

{MidHudson News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. I can promise you one thing; NO ONE has gotten a ticket when they parked their car legally in their driveway. A ticket blitz would not affect you if you did everything by the book.

    here is some advice for you so can make sure not to get harassed by the police.

    1, take off your lights and sirens from your car.
    2, get rid of your walkie talkie and beepers and all the other things that might make you look like a macher.
    3, get a job.
    5, get a job.
    6, OBEY THE LAWS. You live in a country that not only lets you but pays for you to be able to learn torah and serve hashem. Furthermore, they also pay for the police to watch over you so that you can do so peacefully in the comforts of your home. 2000 years ago you’d be happy if they only let you be somewhat Jewish. Don’t take advantage on this and behave.
    GET A JOB NOW!!!

  2. Re the comment from A Kagan (#6)

    Just how does making some eminently sensible suggestions make AJ “an anti-semite. (The self-hating variety.)”?

    Please tell us just which part of his posting you object to.

    Or is the idea of

    A. Paying taxes
    B. Obeying the law of the land, or
    C. Getting a job to support your wife and children

    a manifestation of anti-Semitism?

  3. Ben Azai —

    The objection is to AJ’s obvious patently false implication that these good folks

    1) don’t have jobs
    2) don’t pay taxes
    3) don’t obey the laws.

    They are all lies that are the complete polar opposite of the truth. I would have expected to find such sheker on some KKK or neo-nazi website.


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