State Senator Kevin S. Parker Honors Shomrim Heroes


kevin-parker-with-shomrim-heroes-small[Photos below.] On Erev Shabbos, Senator Parker paid a visit the members of the four members of the Shomrim Patrol Force who were shot while responding to an incident near 49th Street and 10th Avenue. “I commend you for your bravery,” said Senator Parker as he talked to the men. Senator Parker then spent time discussing the men’s recovery with the doctors and nurses on site.

Senator Parker has a strong relationship with the Boro Park Community. During the last eight years he has given $15 million worth of funding away to the 21st District, $1 million of which has gone to supporting small community based Jewish Organizations like the Shomrim.

“These types of incidents must stop,” Senator Parker as he was leaving. “I am going to work with community leaders to get the guns off our streets.”

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Getting the guns off the streets is a good start. Getting the ones using these illegally acquired guns off the streets might show better results.

  2. Causative action is commendable(ie.getting rid of the guns after the multiple shootings)but preventative action is even better( using common sense before legalizing them in the first place).
    This is a great mashal for Elul!
    Teshuva is truly commendable,but this year let’s try to PREVENT our slipping up in the first place.For example,an ADVANCE PLAN as to how we will handle our personal high-risk nisyonos.


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