Statement From Elected Jewish Officials On Cuomo Shutting Down Shuls, Schools

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  1. Let’s continue to supprt & vote the Democrat tickets!
    *B C D* Biden, Cuomo, & de Blasio! They best serve our needs!

    Isn’t that really what we’re doing?
    How much Jewish money and support went to elect these? All top notch public servants, Right?

    Let’s get our heads together!

  2. If they say that it’s not scientifically based either because of the numbers why dont we report those numbers- so we can support our protest instead of sounding like self proclaimed victims

  3. I like staying home. I actually don’t need a minyan anymore. My shiur is online. I order glatt online to my apartment. The organizations that I give to accept credit cards and PayPal. Ah mychaya. Now I feel like saying tehillum and later chess online.

  4. Want to blow it all up?!

    We got Democrat governors Cuomo Murphy of all people to show steep heavily active concern for human life with all positive Ripples and repercussions probable in the coming years !?

    Wish to bear the enormous culpability for causing them throwing in the towel?!


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