Statement from Lakewood Vaad On NJ Toeivah Marriage Bill

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fighting-toeivah-in-trenton-1The following statement has been released by The Lakewood Vaad:

A bill has been introduced in the New Jersey Legislature to “redefine” the long-established meaning of conventional marriage to include lifestyles that are an affront to our Torah, our moral principles and the family values shared by most Americans.

Our community cannot stand silent without a strong protest of this hurtful proposal.

Additionally, there is the real issue of our religious freedom. America has a long and precious tradition of allowing full freedom for us to practice our religion as defined by the Torah and our Rabbinical authorities. Passage of this bill may infringe on those freedoms by forcing the legal acceptance of deviant and immoral lifestyles.

The NJ Senate is scheduled to vote on this bill this Thursday. The vote is expected to be very close.

Please contact every NJ senator you can to politely express your vehement opposition to this proposed “alternative marriage” legislation.

Sample Call: “I would like to express my deep opposition to the Redefining Marriage Bill. It goes against the core family values America was built on”.

Senator Diane B. Allen (609) 239-2800

Senator Bill Baroni (609) 631-9988

Senator Christopher Bateman (908) 526-3600

Senator James Beach (856) 489-3442

Senator Jennifer Beck (732) 933-1591

Senator Anthony R. Bucco (973) 627-9700

Senator Barbara Buono (732) 205-1372

Senator Gerald Cardinale (201) 567-2324

Senator Andrew R. Ciesla (732) 840-9028

Senator Richard J. Codey (973) 731-6770

Senator Christopher J. Connors (609) 693-6700

Senator Sandra B. Cunningham (201) 451-5100

Senator Michael J. Doherty (908) 835-0552

Senator Nia H. Gill (973) 509-0388

Senator John A. Girgenti (973) 427-1229

Senator Robert M. Gordon 703-9779

Senator Philip E. Haines (609) 654-1498

Senator Sean T. Kean (732) 974-0400

Senator Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (908) 232-3673 (908) 918-0414 (908) 232-2073

Senator Joseph M. Kyrillos, Jr. (732) 671-3206

Senator Raymond J. Lesniak (908) 624-0880

Senator Fred H. Madden, Jr. (856) 232-6700 (856) 401-3073

Senator Kevin J. O’Toole (973) 237-1360

Senator Steven V. Oroho (973) 300-0200 (973) 584-4670

Senator Joseph Pennacchio (973) 227-4012

Senator Dana L. Redd (856) 225-9068

Senator Ronald L. Rice (973) 371-5665

Senator M. Teresa Ruiz (973) 484-1000

Senator Nicholas J. Sacco (201) 295-0200

Senator Paul A. Sarlo (201) 804-8118

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari (908) 587-0404

Senator Robert W. Singer (732) 901-0702

Senator Bob Smith (732) 752-0770

Senator Brian P. Stack (201) 861-5091 (201) 558-7926

Senator Stephen M. Sweeney (856) 251-9801 (856) 455-1011 (856) 339-0808

Senator Shirley K. Turner (609) 530-3277

Senator Jeff Van Drew (609) 465-0700 (856) 765-0891 (856) 696-7109 (609) 926-3779 Senator Joseph F. Vitale (732) 855-7441

Senator Loretta Weinberg (201) 928-0100

Senator Jim Whelan (609) 383-1388

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  1. Corzine lost the election because people
    dislike evil liberalism.

    Corzine, you know, favors sodomy unions.
    (On the other hand, Christy, the newly elected Governor, opposes it.)

  2. Why are they saying anything? People want to go against the Vaad, coming out against the bill will only cause frum people to support it!

  3. I honestly don’t get why we’re so crazy about this bill.
    It’s not like we’re running according the 7 laws of noah..
    Last time I checked it was perfectly legal to worship idols. Does that bother us?
    Who cares if it’s called civil union or marriage??

    Personally I dont think marriage should be a government institution at all..that would solve everything.

  4. Why did Aguda alloy Gary Shaer to abstain insted of voting no on the SS Union bill?
    An Abstain vote is a vote for SS unions.
    Gary Shaer would never vote against the bill.

  5. Re: #8 From David\

    “Who cares if it’s called civil marriage
    or marriage?”

    Answer: 1)Educated people care.
    2) Normal people care.
    3) Decent people care.
    4) Religious people care.

    Marriage is designed for one man
    and one woman who unite to establish
    a family. The notion that any other
    relationship warrants marital recognition
    is perverse. Such thinking is typical
    of mindless liberalism.

  6. May Almighty God vanquish the
    evil Sodomites who wish to destroy
    our society.

    “To Him Who grants victory. Let
    not destruction come….

    Let them vanish in wrath until
    they shall be no more, and
    then it shall be known until
    the ends of the earth that God
    rules…—-Psalms 59

    Praise God!

  7. Re: #5 From Joe Lieb

    “What’s wrong with TOEIVAH marriage?”

    Fool! What’s wrong with you?

    Attn Webmaster:

    #5 supports shmootz.
    That’s why he pretends that it’s ok.
    Get that “menoovel” off this site.

  8. God bless all the orthodox Jews
    who champion the cause of morality.

    God bless Israel and His people.

    “God shall bless us, and all the ends
    of the earth shall fear Him.”
    Psalms 47:8

  9. Re Joe Lieb’s Support For Sodomy #5 & #14

    Attn Webmaster:

    The bloggers cited above promote the sick,
    deviant and immoral agenda.

    Remove that shmutz from this newscenter.

  10. Re: #14 & #5


    Please note that blogger #14 & #5
    is a “menoovel” in favor of mishkav
    zoker shmootz.

    Those bloggers support the evil
    bill for same-gender unions. In fact,
    blogger #14 favors incest.

  11. Re: #14 & #5

    “What’s wrong with TOEIVAH Marriage?”

    Answer: 1)It is not marriage; it is
    a misnomer. Marriage is only
    for one
    man and one woman.

    The integrity and wholesomeness
    of traditional marriage is, first of
    all, a foundation of Divine Law as stated
    in the Torah. This particular aspect of
    Almighty God’s law is so obvious that
    wise people classify it as Natural Law
    since it is so logical.

  12. Continuation– Therefore, we do not want
    government to redefine a time-tested
    institution to satisfy the queer
    proclivities of toeivah activists.
    (Unfortunately, the Democrat Party encourages this lewd liberalism.)

    Only a marriage between a man and woman
    allows for procreation of the human race.
    (You don’t have to be religious to understand that elementary reality.)

    The foregoing also reflects the
    common sense attitude of the overwhelming
    majority of human beings. It is therefore
    hardly coincidental that toeivah
    liasons have not been legally recognized
    or classified as marriage–with few

    Most Americans detest the “toeivah”
    agenda. Every referendum on the subject
    results in defeat for the “toeivah
    meshugaim and reshaim.”

  13. -Continuation-

    Most states in the USA refuse to accord
    legal sanction to sodomy in any form.
    (This wholesome attitude is still true in
    New York and California—notwithstanding
    their “blue state” status.)

    Marriage is legally defined as
    exclusively consisting of one man and one
    woman by the US Congress—DOMA (Defense
    Of Marriage Act)

  14. –Continuation—

    As we now prepare to celebrate
    the joyous festival of Chanukah, we
    should recall that our brave and noble
    ancestors battled and defeated licentious
    Hellenism which also purported to glorify
    and legalize sodomy. This same evil now
    confronts us in Trenton, New Jersey.

    Thus, we must make our collective
    voice heard. Liberal lunatic lawmakers
    who push for sodomy do not deserve to
    represent us. (That includes so-called
    Jewish elected officials who support this
    evil. Better to have decent conservative
    gentiles who understand that it is stupid
    to confuse normal matrimony with toeivah

  15. It seems most people posting opinions on this site have a similar opinion, which is fine. Personally, I agree that marriage has a specific legal meaning. But please do not support those who would squelch an open debate or publicly ostracise those who dissent with you. Those who would kick a minority viewpoint off the site, or mistakenly and agrressively call someone a sodomite preach intolerance and hatred. After all, Jewish people are a minority in most of the world and we do not want to condone that type of hurtful behavior, regardless of your views on the issue of gay marriage. Likewise, this issue has nothing at all to do with religious freedom (meaning the stablishment clause of the US constitution), that is just a scare tactic.

  16. The notion that we should force Torah values through civil law is dangerous. Once we let theology inform civil marriage law we better be prepared to be married under the sign of the cross.

    Yes Kedushin is limited to a man and a woman. Civil marriage is not Kedushin and not subject to the standards of Kedushin. When we are able to accept civil marriage as Kedushin (and civil divorce as a Get) then we have time to talk.

    If we want to advocate Torah values in civil marriage why not mandate a ban on Intermarriage, marriage without get, and so on. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this matter.

  17. Re: #21

    “Please do not support those who
    would squelch an open debate…”

    Grow up. There is no debate about the
    evil of disgusting sodomite deviance.

    (You like that evil lifestyle? You have a right to have your own evil website and go
    to gehennom indulging in your sinful conduct as
    a consequence.)

    Stop preaching your sinful agenda which flies in the face of decency.

  18. Re: #21

    I object to your bigoted anti-religious
    message. Your bias contradicts
    God’s Torah.

    For your information, this is a Torah
    observant website. We therefore have an
    absolute right to present material which
    harmonizes with Orthodox Judaism.
    (Nobody forces you to read this blog.)

    This is not about minority rights.
    This is about decency and morality.

    The support of traditional marriage
    as a social institution is a concept
    promoted by all major religions in the
    world. It is a concept supported by
    irreligious people as well.

  19. Re: #22

    “…We should force Torah values through
    civil law…”

    That is a ridiculous statement.

    The institution of marriage as a time-tested foundation of human society is not limited to Orthodox Judaism.

    The overwhelming majority of people
    all around the world endorse and define
    marriage as a union exclusively between a man
    and woman.

    This consistent definition is not
    merely a formalistic designation.

    Rather, it reflects a basic interest
    in social stability which society needs.

    Without a father and mother children are lost. It is thus evil to change
    this important institution.

    Thus, for educational reasons,
    it is essential to combat sodomite
    deviance which is behind the current
    toeivah agenda. Happy Chanukah


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