Statement from Moshe Zeines, Candidates for Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners

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By Moshe Zeines

This Motzei Shabbos the Lakewood Fire District will hold its annual election. The voters will vote to elect 2 new commissioners to 2 seats which are being vacated. Additionally, as every year, the annual budget will be voted upon. Voting takes place at the municipal building, 231 3rd St until 10pm.

I, Moshe Zeines, am running as a candidate for the Board of Fire Commissioners and I urge all of you to vote for me.

This year is the first year in at least 5 years that if both referendum questions on the ballot are approved by the voters, there will be no increase to the tax rate. This was not an easily accomplished feat nor should it be our final goal.

For too long the focus has been shifted to the tax-payers pocket and away from
Lakewood’s bravest, the volunteer firefighters. The volunteers are there for us, me and you, 24/7 year-round. I remember being shocked when I first heard from one of the assistant chiefs that all the volunteers are on call at all times. I was sure that they take shifts, saving some time to themselves. But no, all of the volunteers are ready to give
their all for the people of Lakewood at any time. Keep in mind that not all the volunteers live in Lakewood, yet they all care so dearly for our town. It’s time for us, as a town, to return our focus to appreciating all that our volunteer firefighters do for us year-round.

While the chief and his assistants are personally “on scene” fighting the actual fire, the commissioners guarantee that they have the necessary up-to-date resources to combat the flames. The commissioners are responsible for the purchase of trucks, equipment, and insurance. They also regularly sponsor hands-on training for all the firefighters.
Once a year, the board sponsors an appreciation brunch for the volunteers.
Even the Dept of Public Works whose 104 employees get paid a nice salary for starting employees sponsors a yearly holiday party for their employees.

I believe that every dollar the commissioners spend on building and equipment maintenance, and landscaping, and the few perks their members do receive, is a wise investment in the continuity of the volunteer department. I invite you to download the budget from the district website ( just as I have done, and inspect it for yourself. I believe you’ll agree that it’s not full of fluff and extra unnecessary expenditures.

I believe that the department belongs to the chief and his assistants and that the role of the commissioners is to adequately provide for the needs of the firefighters. Therefore, because I truly care about the safety and productivity of the entire fire department and the safety of people of Lakewood, my pledge to Fire Chief Mike D’elia Jr is that I will not
vote “no” to any safety equipment before hearing from him first what’s involved. If
elected, I pledge to focus on all the firefighters and show them due recognition for their dedication and devotion to the people of Lakewood. I will not turn my backs on our

I have watched and followed the board for about a year now and I’ve seen them in action many times. I firmly believe that a homogeneous board will continue to advance the Lakewood Fire Department and I am running for the Board of Fire Commissioners so I can be that additional positive voice. Now is your opportunity to help me strengthen
the fire district.

Your vote for me, Moshe Zeines, and for the budget and accessory referendum
question will give me the opportunity to strengthen the entire fire department and make the board much healthier.

Voting takes place this Motzei Shabbos at the municipal building, 231 3rd St, until 10pm.

Thank you.




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