Staten Island Neighborhood Loses Eruv After Neighbors Protest

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An eruv was removed from a neighborhood on Staten Island after backlash from  some of the residents.

The eruv had been put up on utility poles around the neighborhood by a group of chassidm who had newly moved into the area. The eruv was removed after residents opposed to the influx of religious Jews in their neighborhood found out that the eruv was put up without permission from Con Ed, Verizon, or the Transportation Department.

The Orthodox residents have submitted paperwork to the local council to reattach the eruv.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. According to other articles, the Eruv commission didn’t have permission from the people who own the poles . Next time chochom(s) get permission. Not antisemitism at all.

    • You’re wrong! The backlash was anti-Semitic. They should get permission so that the anti-Semites will not have an excuse.

      • if they would have had permission this would be a non issue. you cant hang things on poles without permission.

      • if they would have had permission it would still be up. it’s not the original commenters fault that the pole hangers acted like idiots

        • 11:47, “permission” from whom? Utility companies always allow eiruv, so the “permission” you are referring to must be from the local Jew-hating buffoons who would never give any kind of permission to anything that would not illegally discriminate against religious Jews. Stop being a hypocritical traitor.

          • did you read the article it stated exactly that the Eruv was only removed when it was found out that nobody had granted permission not the utilities or the local government! maybe try reading the article next time before jumping into the comments. if they were granted permission then the local residents would have had to suck lemons. but that isnt the situation. because whoever installed the eruv did so without any authorities consent!

  2. I am quite sure that without permission from some government official – who would have the authority to lease / rent the properties to the Yidden – there is no eiruv. So clearly, IF the sechirus took place, they got the required permission. If not there is no eiruv.

  3. 1) דינא דמלכותא דינא

    2) We are in golus.

    If they go around like they own the place and can do what they wish, that is a recipe for trouble, ר”ל.

    • 10:46, try to get this through your judenrat brain: this eiruv is a thin string that is barely visible, lost among other cables, definitely not an eye sore, wouldn’t have been noticed altogether if it wasn’t a device that provides a spiritual benefit to the frum community. So no, setting up eiruv doesn’t qualify as “go around like they own the place”. Regarding dina demalchusa, please elaborate how is setting up an eiruv constitutes a violation of American law knowing that utility companies always allow eiruv on their poles, you am hooretz.

      • and what would be your opinion if a pagan hung a thin string? an Eruv isnt a requirement to conduct shabbos. if they had permission one thing but to hang a string without consent? would you climb on your neighbors car to suntan?

          • 1238
            where did you learn such higher levels of penetrating analysis. hopefully not beis medrish. so your logic is as long as a jew does it it’s fine and it doesn’t matter if they broke the law? but if a goy did it and broke the law you would take umbridge at it?

        • 7:18, Holocaust era judenrat was just another example of our internal treason phenomenon that can be argued is the root cause of our golus, hence using judenrat for self-hating Stockholm-Syndrome suffering traitors is appropriate. Got it, nitwit?

  4. Staten Island should carry out their threats and secede from NYC. Staten Island is not meant to live in. It’s only a passing area where people need to cross to get from New Jersey to New York and vice versa. What did Staten Island ever produce except garbage dumps and pollution?

  5. 7:13, “law”?! Nazi Germany also had “laws”. So if local Jew-haters make “laws” to discriminate against us, we are supposed to just crawl under a rock?! There is foolproof way to determine a liar: someone who calls you smart.


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