Steve Bannon Warns GOP Could Lose 35 To 40 Seats In The House

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Steve Bannon has a dire warning for Republicans — rally around President Donald Trump.

During a Sunday interview with The Associated Press, the former chief strategist to Trump said he believes the GOP would lose 35 to 40 seats in the House if the election were held today, thereby ceding their majority to Democrats he’s convinced will pursue impeachment.

“You can’t look at this as a midterm and you can’t run it out of the traditional Republican playbook. If you do that, you’re going to get smoked,” said Bannon, arguing that Republicans must redouble efforts against motivated Democrats.

“This is not about persuasion. It’s too late to persuade anybody. We’re 90 days away from this election. This is all about turnout and what I call base-plus,” he said.

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  1. If nothing will be done about all the planned Democratic frauds and illegal and dead votes and duplicate, triplicate, etc. votes (with the help of the corrupt CIA and FBI) it would be a miracle they’d even gain 1 seat.


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