Steve Hilton: Why A Second Trump Term Is So Important


2016 was a populist revolution and, ever since, the establishment have been desperate to get their power back.



  1. As if there’d be a choice. Not 50 years of failure but over 100 years of failure, and there’s nothing to fear about going back to the Democrats as there are no Democrat candidates around. The current Biden the malfunctioning clone will drop out once the corona criminals will be eradicated. In the meantime the show has to continue.

    Besides, the Democrats were actually never the popular votes. If not for the CIA’s rigged election machines and other fraud, the Democrats would most likely never have been in power. B”H they won’t be around soon anymore. (The CIA didn’t expect the White Hats to restore their rigged machines in 2016, hence Trump’s landslide win b”H.)

  2. Except for his Brittish Ucksent he’s very much a real American! If only we can get some more precious-making pepper the top levels.

  3. Any person that is so crass as to wear an undershirt with a suit, is not worth giving the time of day. Such a lack of derech eretz. Such a lack of kavod habrios. His dumb stupid accent only adds to his imbecilic nature.

    • Biden is no where close to winning. He’s not even around anymore. As many times as people have shown the facial differences between the 2 Bidens, it just doesn’t register to the sheeple on here.


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