Stoliner Rebbe Visits Israel Museum

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stoliner-rebbe-5The Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe received a behind-closed-doors tour of the Israel Museum last week, the first official visit there by a Torah leader. The Rebbe, Rav Boruch Meir Yaakov Shochet, received a guided tour of the Yerushalayim museum, which lasted about three hours, giving him a look at the Judaica and ethnography wings, as well as the interiors of the historic shuls that are now housed at the museum. He also visited the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls and related archaeological finds are on display.

The Rebbe actually remarked that he had previously visited the museum. This time, he was accompanied by a delegation of about 15 people, including his rebbetzin. The Rebbe is said to have shown great interest in what he saw and asked many questions.

The visit last Tuesday came at the behest of the Israel Museum, which is planning an exhibition on Chassidus, due to open in June.

{Yair Israel/Photo-Y. Alpert}


  1. He is a very interesting person with a vast amount of knowledge.

    I’ve been to the Museum there before and it is quite interesting the things they have there.
    Could be he would have been able to go by himself just with his wife if he kept a low key since not so many charedim are there. Yet again he needed the tour guide probably

  2. the rebbe proved to us that we can go in and appreciate what they have done for us to know how we can learn the torah better


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