Storobin Won Over 69% in Hikind’s Orthodox District

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david-storobinBy Orthodox Pundit

I have signaled strong skepticism about the claim that David Storobin only won 58 percent of the Orthodox vote, quoting a Lew Fidler ally that they were “killed in Borough Park.”

A reader sent me the election night breakdowns, and it shows that Storobin smashed Fidler in Dov Hikind’s 48th Assembly district, which is the heaviest Orthodox district and is often viewed as reflecting the wider Orthodox communities’ political leanings. Storobin’s showing there is only bettered by the 49th, which makes up a very minor part of the district.

According to the breakdowns by Ads, Storobin pulled in 834 votes on the R line and 181 on the C line, for a total of 1015 (69.14%); Fidler had 414 on the D line and 39 on the I line, totaling 453 votes, or 30.86%.

Election Night Results

The election night breakdown will probably change a bit. Celeste Katz is now reporting that Storobin edge shrank with two votes in the final (hopefully) machine re-canvass. It now stands by David Storobin – 10,674, and Lew Fidler by 10,556. He now enjoys a 118-vote lead (just enough to avoid recount, which kicks in if the lead is under 0.5 percent of the total vote). Also, there are 354 affidavit ballots, but part of them may be invalid, and the valid absentees are up to 771. Whatever the results are, the changes in AD 48 will probably be insignificant and it will continue to reflect the strong defiance in this Assembly district to high-profile directives. No wonder some are concerned by the Super-Jewish District that heart of it will be the AD-48.

{Orthodox Pundit for Newscenter}


  1. so the activitsts have been shown to represent………… themselves! time for them to open their eyes and see what the people want and work to that end

  2. I still dont understand those who because they have money backed Lew the bagel and lox jew
    Do we need another high tax and spend dem in office that DOES NOT REFLECT OUR NEEDS

  3. Good! It’s about time we took a stand and said no more immoral candidates. We cannot have societal norms break down for a few extra bucks.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! We the Frum people have spoken! We won’t be told by the establishment Democrats, who to vote for! We have Torah values & the Democratic Party has NOT shared them with us! It’s high time to throw them out
    Good riddance!

  5. did strobin win or not. although this is only a very tiny part of new york i hope politicians take note that their are still people who are againt deviant behaviour.

  6. Storobin won because he came out strongly & unpologeticly against redefining marriage! How do you like that? He wasn’t even called a racist or homophobe. The DemonCrats have become worthless fools!

  7. Thanx for coming out on the right side of this election. Thanx for not caving in to the Baalei Batim with the Boech Svaros! The Nation for Marriage, which is a National Organization, dedicated to preserving Traditional marriage, publicly thanked Rabbi Eliyahu Brog Shlita (mentioning the Mirrer Yeshiva as well) for going all out to help defeat Fidler! What a major Kiddush Hashem! I, along with close to a million members across this great Country received that email! They also thanked Yosef Hayon as well. They kept stressing that they are Orthodox Jews! Baruch Hashem! Can you just imagine the Chillul Hashem if the Baalei Batim would of won & then the Nation would of learn’t that Orthodox Jews are low life sell out’s for a few measly dollars!



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