Strained Obama-Israeli Relations Spur NYC Protests


obama-israel[Video below.] There were strong words and high emotion yesterday as the president faces growing criticism from Israeli advocates who disagree with his hard stance on settlements in East Jerusalem.  Demonstrators from up and down the east coast took to the streets in Manhattan Sunday, and they’re worried that strained relations could lead to lasting scars.

Roughly a thousand demonstrators lined Second Avenue across from the Israeli consulate, a few literally wrapped in the Israeli flag, protesting the current U.S. policy of tough love toward the Jewish state.

“I don’t see it as tough love,” demonstration organizer Beth Gilinsky said. “I see it as a betrayal of a close friendship.”

“You’re not talking about a child, you’re talking about a country that had to fight four wars to survive,” protestor Ruben Margolis said.

The strain in relations has occurred over continued Israeli construction in disputed parts of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, enraging Palestinians who, in turn, refuse to reopen peace talks. President Obama has practically ordered the Israelis to stop the building.

“It is being orchestrated by President Barack Obama,” former NYC Mayor Ed Koch said.

Koch is the highest-profile critic of this new Obama policy. He made a video last week for Sunday’s protest, and sent a letter to the president.

There now appears to be a softening in the previously strident tone from administration spokesmen. Senator Chuck Schumer says President Obama is simply going through a rite of passage on the issue.

“Let me tell you, Lou – every president goes through this,” Schumer told me. “Even great friends of Israel – Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton – their first year or two, their view was, ‘let’s pressure Israel, and that’s how we’ll get peace,'” Schumer said. “And it proved not to work.”

Some, though, say it is time for a change in U.S. tactics. Israeli journalist and author Gershom Gorenberg says Israel’s current policies need to be checked, and says the American president is right to try to do just that.

“By trying to pull Israel and the Palestinians out of the current stalemate, the Obama Administration is directly serving Israel’s long-term interests,” Gorenberg said.

It is clear, though, that the American president has hit a raw nerve among elements of the Israeli right and their supporters in the U.S.

Stung by criticism of its Israeli policy, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs on Friday reaffirmed what he called the administration’s “unwavering commitment to the security of Israel and the Israeli people.”

Click below to view the video made by Koch:

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  1. Obama’s and Clintons’ (Bill + Hillarious) “unwavering commitment” is the lie of the century. Don’t fall for it. They all are self-serving goyim willing to throw us to the dogs.

  2. Obama, speaks from two sides of his mouth.Don’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth. He is a liar of highest order, and anyone who was silly enough to vote for him, who fell for the garbage, now have charata.

  3. “security of Israel and the Israeli people” according to Obamination means annihilation of Israel. Want proof? After 18 months in office, Obama has done NOTHING to stop Iran’s nukes, but everytime a Jewish home gets built, Obamination finds his muslim voice to berate.
    Vote all the Democrats out of office this November – they are all aiding and abetting Obama in his destruction of Israel! The democratic party is being run by Nazi collaborator George Soros and his muslim lackey Obama. Wake up America and vote out all the democraps!

  4. I was glad to be one of the thousands in attendance at the rally on Sunday. Stand up and face the facts we voted in a president who is disinterested in being friends/ally to Israel. He has postured himself in front of the muslims on every occasion possible and the Jews are not his concern. The outright disdain shown for Bibi Netanyahu when he came to the White house is just the tip of the iceberg. Instead Abbas has been invited by Barrak to come & visit..

  5. what are people allways talking bad about one and good about the other when the economy and the global market are the real rulers. you see all these people just go as far as the market allows them to do and just the brainless belive that there is a democracy on this planet. obama isn`t worse than bush they are just doing what was seen apropiate in their times and times pass. we haven`t got to do very much with them ( the goyim) and shouldn`t get mixed up in their olam haklipa , divrei hol and tuma but should just act in the benefit of Torah and am israel , even if that means to get along well with obama even if you don`t like him.
    neither is the Torah kedosha democratic nor Hashem issburach and we are his avadim and not His pales.


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