Strange: Obama, Clinton Continue Reign as Most Admired

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hillary-obamaFor the sixth consecutive year, Barack Obama ranks as the Most Admired Man among Americans, and Hillary Clinton is again the Most Admired Woman. Both won by comfortable margins. Sixteen percent named Obama, compared with 4% each for former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis; Clinton (15%) finished ahead of television personality Oprah Winfrey (6%), first lady Michelle Obama (5%), and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (5%).

Most Admired Man, 2013Most Admired Woman, 2013

Each year, Gallup asks Americans to name, in an open-ended format, the man and woman living anywhere in the world they admire most. This year’s poll was conducted Dec. 5-8.

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  1. Not surprising. People are very stupid, and the media and technology makes them more stupid.
    How fortunate we have to feel for the very basics…

  2. Have you ever heard of dumbing down of America.
    The way our school system teaches and the others are on all sort of drugs, alcohol, etc. and into all sort of rediculous TV programs they believe what they hear and see as the real truth rather then finding out the real information. easy to be spoon fed than to use some effort to find the truth.

  3. These most admired “polls” are totally meaningless. Its just like: What is your favorite name for your cat. Waste of time. This is clearly trying to foist Hillary on the average dumb American.

  4. #2 I couldn’t agree more with you.

    besides, welcome to the corrupt & flattered world we are in today. if I had the money, I could also pay the media & others to make me popular & the most admired person BUT it would all be fake (just media & lies) i.e. the obamanation might be the most admired man BUT not in a good & positive way.

    It would take the obamanation years to become the most admires man in a POSITIVE way. All the damage he caused the USA since he became president is unlimited, from obamacare to the economy getting worse with no sign of recovery ahead etc…

    I just saw in a ad on a website asking which president has done more damage to the USA & the world, Carter or Obama? who do you think? I count down every day as we get closer to Obama being obaminated from the white house

  5. WHy is it such a surprise. Do you think all Americans read Matzav and other frum sites and media. Hello everyone! There’s a big world out there and not everyone in it bashes liberals all day. I am politically conservative, but the one sided view you get from Frum media is annoying and makes it seem like the whole world has only one view.


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