Stranger on Train in Israel Pays Crying IDF Soldier’s Utilities Bill After Electric Company Threatens to Shut Off Her Power

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By R. Blum

An IDF soldier who witnessed the kindness of a stranger towards a fellow young woman in uniform lauded the man’s generosity on Facebook, the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Tuesday.

Daniel Danino, a 19-year-old solder from Beer sheva, recounted what she saw while traveling home from her base by train — another female soldier boarding, while weeping into her cellphone as she tried to talk the Israel Electric Corporation out of disconnecting her electricity due to an outstanding debt.

Danino, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, noticed a man also watching the distraught soldier try to figure out what to do. Suddenly, the man went over to her and not only offered to cover her NIS 1,950 (about $500) debt — but paid it on the spot.

“Friends, meet the angel, Ofir Yitzchak,” Danino posted on her page, next to a photo she took of him with her cellphone.

The man who doesn’t have Facebook, but does have the greatest soul I’ve ever come across! Today, during my usual routine, I get on the train that leaves Lod at 16:27 on the way home from the base, and I take a seat by the window, put on earphones and relax from the day. Suddenly, I hear a young soldier girl like myself, subsisting on a soldier’s salary – a soldier who is the only child of a single mother — who is begging the electric company not to cut off the electricity until her mother receives her financial aid check from national insurance… But they are impervious and disconnect her electricity anyway.

I get off the train with hope and faith in people. There are still those who do things for others without expecting anything in return. I was left with my mouth hanging open, speechless, and full of a sense of pride in being a part of this nation that galvanizes to help others during times of distress. Friends, share this post, so that it reaches people who know this amazing guy so they can be filled with pride as well.

In an interview with NRG following the posting of her moving anecdote, Danino said that it didn’t take 10 minutes for the guy to get up, take the girl’s phone and promptly pay her electricity bill with his credit card.

“So I got up and went over to him and said, ‘I cannot remain apathetic towards a person like you. I think people need to see and know that there are good people in this world, and learn from you about giving with love.’ And then I took a photo of him to post on Facebook,” Danino told NRG.

Danino also said that a short time after posting the story, the goal of which she said was to illustrate Israeli goodness, she received hundreds of shares and comments.

“I learned a great life lesson from this man,” Danino added. “And all he did was say that the point [of what he did] was to see the young woman calmed down and with a smile on her face, which is the most important thing.”

(C) 2016 THE ALGEMEINER JOURNAL, Reprinted with permission



  1. The PA area Arabs have run up millions of dollars on their unpaid electric bills but is their electricity ever cut off? Instead,poor Jewish families often have to go without electricity. I know of instances where neighbors paid the bill .
    Where are the Social workers to help this mother and daughter ?
    Kol Hakavod Mr.Yitzhak!


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