Straw Poll: Trump a Runaway in GOP Primary at 64 Percent

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Former President Donald Trump has emerged as the leader in the Family Research Council Action’s Pray Vote Stand Summit Straw Poll, securing nearly 64% of the votes cast. Following him is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who garnered 27% of the vote.

Chairman of the Family Research Council Action, Tony Perkins, shared the results, noting that Trump’s strong showing is a reflection of his unwavering stance against woke corporate America and his dedication to defending faith and families. Perkins emphasized that those who are willing to stand up and fight for these values will be rewarded with votes.

Both Trump and DeSantis addressed the organization’s summit, which took place in Washington, D.C., during the past week. They also participated in the national summit hosted by the Concerned Women of America, both of which are evangelical advocacy groups.

Perkins defended the organization’s support for Trump when questioned about potential tension due to his legal issues. Perkins pointed out that Trump has been indicted but not convicted, and highlighted the media’s negative bias against him. However, he underscored Trump’s track record, asserting that during his four years in office, he did more to advance the values important to the summit attendees than any other president in recent memory.

In the vice presidential segment of the poll, DeSantis secured first place with 25% of the votes, as per a statement released by Family Research Council Action.

The summit had over 1,600 registered attendees, and only FRC Action members present at the event were eligible to participate in the straw poll. Perkins noted that nearly 91% of the votes went to either Trump or DeSantis, emphasizing their strong stance against cancel culture and woke corporate America, along with their robust defense of parents and religious freedom.

Perkins concluded by stating that “SAGE Cons” (spiritually active, governance-engaged conservatives) seek a proven leader who comprehends the threats to their freedoms and is committed to combating the leftist mob that has weaponized the government against the American people.

In the full poll results, out of 582 votes cast: • Trump received 372 votes, or 63.9% • DeSantis secured 159 votes, 27.3% • Mike Pence earned 13 votes, 2.2% • Tim Scott garnered 11 votes, 1.9% • Vivek Ramaswamy got 10 votes, 1.7% • Nikki Haley received 9 votes, 1.5% • Joe Biden amassed 5 votes, 0.9% • Robert Kennedy, Jr. had 3 votes, 0.5% • Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, and Asa Hutchinson received no votes.

For the vice presidential votes: • DeSantis secured 146 votes, 25.1% • Scott garnered 112 votes, 19.2% • Write-in candidates received 101 votes, 17.4% • Ramaswamy earned 80 votes, 13.7% • Haley had 73 votes, 12.5% • Kennedy amassed 43 votes, 7.4% • Pence received 17 votes, 2.9% • Trump got 7 votes, 1.2% • Burgum earned 2 votes, 0.3% • Christie received 1 vote, 0.2% • Biden and Hutchinson did not receive any votes.



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