Student Arrested After Grandmother Finds Journal Detailing Massacre Plans

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An 18-year-old high school student in Washington state was arrested this week after his grandmother reportedly found his journal with detailed plans for a school shooting.

Joshua O’Connor’s grandmother called 911 on Tuesday, the day before a deadly high school shooting in Florida, saying she believed her grandson had plans with “upcoming and credible threats.”

Excerpts from the journal detailed how O’Connor planned to shoot students and use homemade explosives at ACES High School in Everett, Wash., police said.

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  1. Can any criminal lawyers comment on what law violations they can charge him with? Of course it’s a good thing law enforcement prevented him from even the chance of doing harm. Curious as to how all the legalities work. Where is the line drawn in terms of arresting and or charging someone because they wrote or spoke or thought of doing evil but hadn’t yet taken action. Where is the point to the left of the spectrum where civil liberties are violated and one ends up in a North Korea regime. Meaning, where under current US law (not under personal opinion or ethics).

    • Excellent questions. “Criminal intent” is what needs to be proven, i.e. that there’s actual action planned, not just sick fantasies. The so-called “Cannibal Cop” has his conviction overturned because the judge determined there wasn’t actually proof of intent to carry out the actions the cop had described.

      • You say “sick fantasies” as if that’s chopped liver.
        Sick fantasies lead to actions …either they need a psyche ward or arrest…one of the two.


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