Student Cracks DNA Code To Take Home $10,000 Worth Of Bitcoin

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At the 2015 meeting of the World Economic Forum, European Bioinformatics Institute researcher Nick Goldman set a challenge with a three-year time limit: Decode a DNA sequence in order to gain access to a key that would unlock a digital wallet. With the deadline coming up on Monday, January 29, it seemed that no one would claim the prize — until Goldman sent out a reminder on Twitter.

Working alongside his colleagues, Sander Wuyts, a 26-year-old Ph.D. computational microbiology student used the genome sequencing tools available via his university to make a play for the prize, according to Motherboard.

Claiming his reward, he found the logo for the European Bioinformatics Institute, a drawing of James Joyce, and one bitcoin. This bounty was worth around $200 when the task was set, but its value has since swelled to $10,000.

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