Study: A Majority Of The Population May Have ‘Some Degree’ Of Preexisting Immunity To COVID-19


A new study from scientists in the United States suggests that a significant majority of the population may already have some level of immunity to the coronavirus, a possible explanation for why so many individuals seem to experience few to no symptoms from the disease.

The study, written by researchers in California, New York and North Carolina and soon to be published in the journal Cell, discovered that certain types of cells in blood samples taken from donors in 2015-2018—well before COVID-19 arose—were reactive against the COVID-19 virus. In other words, those blood samples were at least partially immune from the coronavirus even though they had never been exposed to it.

“CD4+ T cell responses were detected in 40-60% of unexposed individuals. This may be reflective of some degree of crossreactive, preexisting immunity to SARS- CoV-2 in some, but not all, individuals,” the researchers state in the paper. Read more at Just the News.



  1. Interesting theory, that some people have anti-bodies due to contact with certain segments of the virus that existed before the outbreak of SARS-Covid-19. But that doesn’t explain why most of the elderly who contracted the new virus got so sick.

  2. The sample size in this article is ABYSMALLY small. 10 cv patients and 11 uninfected controls. That few people makes it hilariously prone to affecting the results just due to the number of tests alone. If this was a couple orders of magnitude larger in scale then it would probably be valid. Also this is a “Journal Pre Proof” so it hasn’t even been peer reviewed yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if this gets shooed away from most legitimate scientific journals.


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