Study: ‘Antibody Cocktail’ Blocks Coronavirus From Taking Hold


A cocktail drug of two antibodies “can almost completely block establishment” of the novel coronavirus in monkeys and hamsters, according to a prepublication copy of a study on the therapy.

REGN-COV2, developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, “can greatly reduce virus load in lower and upper airway” when administered either as a preventive measure or treatment after infection, according to the study by a team from Regeneron, Southwest National Primate Research Center/Texas Biomedical Research Institute and science research company BIOQUAL.

The study was published on BioRxiv, an open access repository for biological research that has yet to be peer reviewed.

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    • You’re right. The world is fed up with their coroney baloney. As long as the dummies still play along and report every pain and boo-boo and go for silly testing, their nonsense will continue. B”H many chassidic neighborhoods have stopped it and there are b”H no corona cases there.


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