Study: Catastrophic Heat in 30 Years

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hot heatA terrifying new study released today predicts that by 2047, the planet will see historic temperatures that will drastically disrupt what we know as normal.

In just three decades, temperatures will surpass all records set since they began being kept in 1865, scientists concluded in the study, published in the Oct. 9 issue of Nature. At that point, the coldest temperatures on earth will be higher than the current hottest temperatures.

The researchers argued that if greenhouse-gas emissions are stabilized, the catastrophe could be delayed as much as 20 years. In that case, the warming wouldn’t reach its full potency until 2069.

“Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past,” lead researcher Camilo Mora said. Read more at CBS News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. These bozos can’t predict weather 3 days from now….. so we should worry? “The sky is falling”, said Chicken Little.

  2. this is just crazy. just think to yourself if you buy this, you have to sign in to a mental home. they just admitted that the last 15 years it did not get warmer!!! WHATEVER!!!

  3. next we will hear about a coming ice age that will freeze us into oblivion.
    They worship themselves too much, that’s why they reading such hot temperatures.
    They should all take a chill pill..

  4. Dear No. 3.,It is not the Bozo’s who predict this calamity that are in trouble but the Bozo’s who ignore it’s possibility that are in trouble.


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