Study Claims Most Ashkenazi Jews Are European Through Maternal Line

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chareidimA new paper in the journal Nature Communications claims that Ashkenazi Jews have primarily European roots via the maternal genetic line. Previous research showed that 50-80 percent of DNA from the Ashkenazi Y chromosome, which shows the male lineage, came from the Middle East.

In the new study, researchers looked at the mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down through the maternal line and contained in the cytoplasm of the egg, from more than 3,500 people around the world, including Ashkenazi Jews. They found that more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of Ashkenazi Jews can be traced to Europe.

“The simplest explanation was that it was mainly women who converted and they married with men who’d come from the Near East,” said study co-author Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in England, LiveScience reported.


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  1. It’s even simpler. We’re all from a single woman, from an unusually mobile family. After long seconds of research, I LOCATED HER NAME!! SOROH BAS BISU’EL. True, her female ancestress NA’AMAH AYSHES NOACH was also the ancestress of many who eventually relocated in Europe. Perhaps the geniuses who made the brilliant deduction had a bit too much Schnapps at at Purim or Simchas Bays Ha-Shoayvah the night before. QUM LAY B’DRABBAH MINAY rule of Genetics. Or perhaps they boxed and played football in college.

  2. This new “paper” is trying to proof that Jews are not native to the Middle East and to Israel especially.
    But like many such “studies” before, it will end up in the trash can where it surely belongs.

  3. 2. didn`t kbow that avraham avinu was born in cenaan. where is padan aram located ? is it in persia ? and then it is good to know that just sefaradim and ishmaelim are descendants from serat avraham and ashkenasim if they didn`t convert are of serat esav

  4. What’s wrong with you Yidden? Don’t you even know your own history? No.1: Avraham Avinu was born in Ur Kasdin in Bavel (today’s Iraq) and was an uncle to Sarah Imeinu (his brother’s daughter). All these genealogical surveys are mostly propaganda to show that the Jews of today are not Jews; therefore, Israel is not ours, chas v’sholom. Anti-Semitism is alive and well. Everything will be debunked. Of course, there has been intermarriage and conversions through the centuries, so there is mixed blood in a minority of Jews. Most religious Jews do know their yichus.


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