Study: Coronavirus Patients No Longer Infectious After 11 Days


Coronavirus patients stop being infectious 11 days after contracting the disease — even if they still test positive for COVID-19 on day 12, according to a new study.

Singaporean infectious disease experts said they found that the virus “could not be isolated or cultured after day 11 of illness,” according to a joint paper from the country’s National Center for Infectious Diseases and the Academy of Medicine.

Researchers looked at the “viral load” in 73 COVID-19 patients to measure whether the bug was still viable and could infect anyone.

“Based on the accumulated data since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infectious period of [coronavirus] in symptomatic individuals may begin around 2 days before the onset of symptoms, and persists for about 7-10 days after the onset of symptoms,” the researchers wrote.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. In Singapore they use 28 days. Anyway, please read the paper. The study says that they were unable to culture active virus despite PCR being positive. I may believe that if they sneeze in the recovery phase they’re shedding a non-viable viral load. But the fact remains that in all of Asia, they are recommending the same thing as Ebola. Are you prepared to that? Are you prepared for your children to suffer that ch’v?! I take the time to write because I think maybe someone will read for themselves, decide for themselves, and save a lot of heartache.


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