Study: COVID-19 Can Survive On Bank Notes, Phone Screens For 28 Days

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The virus that causes COVID-19 can survive far longer than previously thought — remaining infectious on surfaces such as bank notes, glass, phone screens and stainless steel for 28 days, according to a new study.

By comparison, the flu virus has been shown to survive on surfaces for 17 days.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Is this all really an Agenda to dispose of ‘cash’ transactions?
    I wonder….. all of a sudden were worried about the ”bank notes”?
    Aids and influenza , polio , sars swine flu or all other illnesses dont stick to the money but all of a sudden corona is here the slippery unknown virus that kills everyone especially if you have another illness ! and now it sticks to banknotes so everyone stay away from cash so we can track you now and always!
    Just when all of a sudden the stores dont have “change”
    Why dont they talk about daily vitamin C ?
    Why dont they talk about zinc?
    Why dont they talk about Ivermecton?
    Why dont they talk about Hydroxochlorquin or HCQ?
    Why dont they talk about Apple cider vinegar?
    Why dont they talk about Coconut oil ?
    Why every day a new Wives tale/bobba meisah about the fearsome CORONA ?
    Is Corona the new “terrorist” in every closet of today?

  2. COVID19 Ivermectin-Saved lives in Toronto Nursing Home. Pandemic Protection-Turning Point? – YouTube

    Wow. An inadvertent double blind test of an entire nursing home. (Valley View Residence Nursing Home in Toronto)
    The 187 residents were given Ivermectin for another purpose (4th floor scabies outbreak) before the covid outbreak.

    The 4th floor was given a normal treatment dose, and the other floors a smaller preventative dose. The staff got covid (who did not receive the drug), and the elderly patients were mostly protected. Not one even showed symptoms on the 4th floor.

    The Ivermectin remains in the system protecting for up to 1 month apparently.

    From the doctor’s comments below the video
    “Renee D Hi there. The dose approved by WHO for Ivermectin use as an anti-parasitic is the dose doctors are using for COVID19.
    The WHO dosing is:
    200micrograms/kg. That works out to 3 milli grams/15kg. The Ivermectin in Canada – Stromectol- is available to treat parasitic infections. It is not officially available for COVID treatment.
    Merck, the Pharmaceutical company manufactures this, as Stromectol, & for the Vet industry as Equine Ivermectin – liquid or gel. It’s available over the counter in animal supply stores.
    I hope this is good information for you.”

    Another comment:

    1 month ago
    Ivermectin is being used rampantly in some states in Brazil with AMAZING success. My family members who live in Brazil had covid and took Ivermectin+zinc+azitromicin. Their symptoms went away in 72 hrs. They used it very early upon first symptoms.

  3. A nice way to scare people off so that they’ll run to exchange their banknotes for the new gold-backing currency (which hopefully they’ll replace worldwide within the next 2 years).


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