Study: Face Shields and Masks With Valves Ineffective Against Coronavirus


Face coverings are effective ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But a new study found that two popular options, the face shield and the N95 respirator mask that has one or two exhale ports or valves, still release infectious droplets into the air.

According to Study Finds, researchers at Florida Atlantic University used laser light to illuminate the flow of aerosols released when people coughed or sneezed. In a university news release, the scientists at FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science said they used a mannequin to simulate coughing and sneezing while wearing both types of face coverings.

Their visualizations showed that a large number of potentially infectious droplets were able to escape from the exhale valve on N95s and around the edges of the face shields or visors.

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    • You’re right. It’s all a hoax and so is the preparation of Fema Camps for Asymptomatic people. Those “who have been exposed to the virus” means, those who are guilty of crimes against humanity but they need to keep the calm in the world, so they call it all “coronavirus/covid”. FYI they’re preparing FEMA camps because there’s not enough room in the GITMOs. I’m surprised that you – of all people – who knows that covid is a hoax don’t know what’s happening in the world and that masks are just to bring on the panic and serves no purpose.

  1. OHIO: Governor Signs EO Creating FEMA Camps For Asymptomatic COVID Patients
    Ohio FEMA Camps – Still More Questions Than Answers

    Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Interim Director Lance Himes released an order on August 31 – an order creating Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shelters and legalizing their use for people who “are unable to safely self-quarantine in their place of residence and to isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19.”

    The non-congregate FEMA sheltering will be utilized throughout the state for people, according to the examples given by Himes, who “test positive for COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization but need isolation (including those exiting from hospitals); those who have been exposed to COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization; and asymptomatic high-risk individuals needing social distancing as a precautionary measure.”

    Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is to secure the necessary approvals for the use of non-congregate sheltering and local health officials are to be on the lookout for both public and private spaces to be utilized for the FEMA camps.

    When state officials determine the need to utilize the camps FEMA is authorized to coordinate with state agencies. State-funded colleges and universities are required to hand over their vacant buildings and grounds for use under the order.

  2. Now This!

    Update: CDC warns of wearing mask past 1-hour.!
    [link to (secure)]

    Hyproventilation is a primary cause of significant discomfort while wearing an N95 FFR (Williams 2010). However, studies done by Roberge et al. (2010) indicated that this hypoventilation did not pose a significant risk to healthcare workers over the course of less than one hour of continuous N95 use. When HCWs are working longer hours without a break while continuously wearing an N95 FFR, blood CO2 levels may increase past the 1-hour mark, which could have a significant physiological effect on the wearer (Lim et al., 2006)*. Some of the known physiological effects of increased concentrations of CO2 include:

    Increased pressure inside the skull;
    Nervous system changes (e.g., increased pain threshold, reduction in cognition – altered judgement, decreased situational awareness, difficulty coordinating sensory or cognitive, abilities and motor activity, decreased visual acuity, widespread activation of the sympathetic nervous system that can oppose the direct effects of CO2 on the heart and blood vessels);
    Increased breathing frequency;
    Increased “work of breathing”, which is result of breathing through a filter medium;
    Cardiovascular effects (e.g., diminished cardiac contractility, vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels);
    Reduced tolerance to lighter workloads.

  3. Don’t expect I would be sorry in the event infected people, who refuse to stay isolated and keep spreading the virus, are segregated in dedicated facilities. After all, you’ve been saying all along that older and weaker people are disposable and their lives worthless, and you also argued Trump should create extermination camps for “deep state” and other people you dislike. Moreover, if you truly can’t wear a mask all day long and unless you have a serious medical condition e.g. cystic fibrosis, had a lung removed or the like, it’s rather obvious you are suffering from the virus, so please stay away from me and go infect your peers.


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