Study: Fast Walkers Live Longer

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old-men-elderlySome folks like to take time to smell the roses, but walking quickly could mean you’ll be around longer to enjoy them. Senior citizens who are the fastest walkers live longer than those with the slowest gaits, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

The researchers say crunched numbers from nine studies involving nearly 35,000 people following the lives of slow and fast walkers who were 75 years old.

Only 19 percent of the slowest men and 35 percent of the slowest women lived another 10 years. However, 87 and 91 percent, respectively, of the fastest walkers were still going.

Source: WTOP

[ Newscenter]


  1. I hope your readers are smart enough to realize that walking speed is an indicator of general health. Walking fast does not necessarily make you healthier. It is a sign that you are healthier. As they say in Yeshiva, it’s a siman, not a siba. As they say in the statistics biz, even assuming causality, you can’t know the direction.

  2. Maybe the slow walkers have health problems already that cause them to walk more slowly? Beware this kind of correlational study. It also doesn’t mean that if you walk fast, you’ll automatically live longer. If you stay in good shape, maybe that’s connected with walking fast. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to slow down once in a while and smell the roses. If you never smell the roses, what’s the point in living so long?

  3. The report talks about fastest vs. slowest walkers. The two extremes. In other words, very fast and very slow (for their age group). That is not necessarily the same as fast vs. slow walkers in general.

  4. Yes, walking is an excellent form of exercise. Inexpensive, you just need a decent pair of runners, accessible, get some fresh air and you can enjoy the surroundings.

  5. I’m a fast walker, but this comes across like the junk science clickbait that journalists love… OK it worked and I clicked.

    Yea, shocking how elderly people who walk fast live longer than the ones who plod along slowly. It’s almost like having a healthier and stronger body encourages a longer life. What’s next? A connecting between obesity and heart disease?

    Yes I’m a fast walker and I can’t stand it when I’m in a hallway with someone moving like a tortoise. The odd thing is how frequently their bodies make a lot of motion while they’re shuffling along getting nowhere fast.


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