Study: Fewer Than 10 Percent of Americans Have Coronavirus Antibodies

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Under 10% of Americans have antibodies to fight off coronavirus, which may mean the United States is not close to achieving herd immunity, according to a study published in The Lancet.

Researchers examined blood samples from 28,500 patients on dialysis in 46 states.

The results mirrored research scheduled to be released next week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which discovered that only 10% of blood samples throughout the United States contained coronavirus antibodies.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, the director of the CDC, pointed to that data while addressing a congressional committee this week saying 90% of people in the United States are susceptible to coronavirus.

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  1. Dr. Atlas addressed this. Immunity is achieved through many means including T-cells. I don’t know why matzav continues to fuel the hysteria.

  2. I am no scientist, but this study seems pretty flawed.

    People who are on dialysis are high risk and probably quarantined for longer and were not prone to exposure. That is why they don’t have antibodies.

    Why don’t they test regular healthy people?

  3. Really? They checked dialysis patients, and extrapolated from that to the entire America? What a joke of a study. Perhaps someone should explain to these clowns the randomization effect crucial for a survey to have an iota of statistical relevancy. An immunocompromised dialysis patient might be more or less likely than the average citizen to have been exposed to covid, but they definitely have a radically different profile than the average American, and the results therefore have minimal relevancy to extrapolation onto society at large.

    There are about 7.3M confirmed cases in the USA as of now, so even assuming the accurate caseload is 5X that, that would be about 10% of the US population. It’s not such a stretch to assume 10% is an accurate figure. Attempting to utilize blood samples collected from dialysis patients to prove this should be an embarrassment to any respectable medical journal, though.


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