Study: Flushing Toilets Spreads Coronavirus


The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may be be transmitted through the use of toilets, according to the authorsof a study published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

“One can foresee that the velocity [of upward-flowing aerosol particles] will be even higher when a toilet is used frequently, such as in the case of a family toilet during a busy time or a public toilet serving a densely populated area,” study co-author Ji-Xiang Wang, of Yangzhou University in China, said in a journal news release.

While a simple solution is to close the toilet lid before flushing, many toilets in public restrooms don’t have lids, the researchers noted. They said that can be a serious hazard.

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  1. One can easily restrict the particle flow by covering the bowl with Saran wrap. We did that periodically in sleepaway camp. Brought many a warm smile to young faces.

  2. Do you know how to injure New York Mayor DeBallsio? Wait until he goes to get a drink of water then slam the toilet seat on his head.

  3. This issue is not just limited to Corona virus, it is also related to bacteria, etc., and was a concern even before the advent of COVID-19.

    Put the lid on it!

  4. OK…. As the world gets crazier and G-D removes the brains of our drs, scientists, leaders etc. Maybe it’s time to put them on pampers, especially the democratic babies.

  5. That’s because masks freaks using masks while in quarantined there flush their infected masks down the toilet which flows down the drain into the sewerage pipes infecting entire neighborhoods, cities and countries.


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