Study: Israeli Chareidi Population to Reach 1 Million by 2022

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chareidi-boys-bochurimThe charedi population in Israel is expected to double in size within 23 years and reach 1,018,535 members in the year 2022 from the 545,000 accounted for in 1999, president of the Geocartography Research Institute Professor Avi Degani said on Sunday.

Degani’s study, which focused on the consumer habits of the rapidly growing sector which today is 735,520-members strong, found that haredim spend some NIS three billion of the NIS 45.3b. annually spent on food in Israel. The charedi expense, reaching 6.7 percent of the general sum spent on food, is lower than their numerical representation in the population, which is nearly 10%.

According to Degani’s figures, 40% of charedim will eat an evening meal out of their homes on a weekday compared to 53% of the general populace.

The charedi diner, however, will do so only 1.5 times a month compared to the 4.9 times the non-charedi will eat out.

Charedim are also more inclined to invite guests for meals, with 29% of them hosting more frequently than two years ago, compared to 13% in the general population.

Charedim tend to claim to feel better, as evident in the fact that 85% of them defined their health condition as good or very good, compared to 67% of the secular society. On election day, charedim won’t limit their voices to the sectoral parties, and will vote for parties they trust on matters such as security, or such headed by a reliable leader.

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  1. How many Chareidim (Shomer Shabbos)lived in Europe before WWII? Of the 6 million kedoshim HY”D, how many were Shomer Shabbos?

    Please only cite accurate figures from reliable sources. Not conjecture and wild unsubstantiated guesses.

  2. What may or may not unfold in the next twelve years is in the domain of G-d and his righteous souls down here on terra firma. If one week is a long time in politics (Just watch what happens with the US Mid-Term Elections) then twelve years is an eternity. Public policy is determined by the mindset, values, vision and wisdom of the elected officials. They chart the course and steer the ship so-to-speak. Unfortunately many “leaders” on the current world stage are like Dennis Hopper’s Captain Deacon in the film Waterworld. In one scene of the movie he is asked a question by an earnest, trusting, sycophantic, syphilitic crew member “Where are we headed boss ?” A brief flash of negative inspiration crosses the captains mind and he says quietly and arrogantly to him “Who the hell knows.” He pauses to gather his thoughts, realises his position and then grabs the megaphone and cheers out to the adoring masses in a rousing speech. They all proceed to manically row somewhere into the wild blue yonder juiced up on false expectation, amphetamines, bread and hedonism.

    A feasible plan for the Holy Land, the Jewish people and all of humankind over the next forty years can be enunciated and fulfilled but people will need to listen and co-operate.


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