Study: Old Vaccines May Stop The Coronavirus

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While the world waits for a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine to be developed, some scientists believe that tried-and-true vaccines may offer some protection against the virus.

Results from a recent study show that individuals who received SARS-CoV-2 tests, and had been immunized for other diseases, had much lower rates of infection than people who had not been inoculated for diseases such as measles-mumps-rubella and polio, or had not received flu vaccines. In particular, Blacks who had taken the pneumococcal vaccine had significantly lower rates of COVID-19 infection.

This finding is significant in light of statistics from the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said members of racial and ethnic minority groups are at increased risk of getting COVID-19 or experiencing severe illness. The CDC offered new data to show that in America, the death rates among Blacks and Hispanics are much higher than for white people, in all age categories.

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    • What are you, a christian scientist? I’m sure you wouldn’t get an inflamed appendix removed, or have your tonsils removed, or do anything else to alter Hashem’s “perfect” creation… Speaking of which, what do you do about brissim? After all, we wouldn’t want to mess with Hashem’s perfect creation. (and the idea of everyone being created perfect is so not a yiddishe hasaga I don’t even know where to start)

  1. This article has false reporting. The original article does not mention the flu vaccine to be protective against corona. There is actually data to show the exact opposite. It is a study based on those in the military who received flu vaccines were MORE likely to get respiratory illnesses and coronavirus. Please check the original source…


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