Study Says Actual Number Of Covid-19 Cases Is Far Greater Than Thought

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The number of people who have had Covid-19 is much greater than the official case count, according to data and a new analysis released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday.

Depending on the region and the time period, the number of people infected was anywhere between 2 and 24 times the number of reported cases, the CDC team said.
“For most sites, it is likely that greater than 10 times more … infections occurred than the number of reported Covid-19 cases,” the team wrote.
In New York, the CDC estimates suggest that 642,000 people were infected by April 1 but at that point only 53,803 cases were officially reported. That means the number of infections could be at least 12 times higher than reported, the CDC said.
The CDC says the number of cases in South Florida, Connecticut and Minnesota was 6 to 11 times higher than the official count.
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  1. All these studies and shmudies do not even coincide with hospitals. Major hospitals are not even contacted and neither are smaller hospitals. (Yes, people actually went over to hospitals to inquire.) And many hospitals are “eerily empty” as the NYT reported. Fever / coughing / breathing / lice / heart attacks have been around for hundreds of years. STOP FOOLING THE SHEEPLE who are too naive to understand they’re being fooled.

    • Right, only you truly understand how to search for proper data, like in the NYT. Only fools and “sheeple” use peer reviewed studies to collect data, and rely on medical opinions and doctors to make decisions. His highness Dr. Trump is the only TRUE doctor who has only our best interests at heart!!! MAGA!!!!!

  2. Since when do you quote NYT?

    Maybe there is no covid19, and sure there have been lice and coughing for ages. If you think that’s a good reason to catch lice and cough, be our guest, I don’t want either. By the way I look forward to your posts in October, pushing everyone to inject some supposed vaccination that Trump will advertise.

    • Will you still be around to tell us what happened if you will inject the WHO’s vaccine? FYI Trump’s vaccination is hydroxychloroquine CURE while the CDC’s and WHO’s injection is a depopulation vaccine.

      • You can swallow HCQ if so you wish. I don’t need HCQ much less do I need Trump’s or WHO’s vaccine because I am not exposed to covid, and, given we’ve had to separate from people who don’t believe in covid19, we are no longer exposed to rubella and other horrible diseases either. And you are bringing depopulation upon yourself because that’s what covid19 does. Don’t say you were not warned, even China says so. Now please explain me, why do you want so much that this virus is spread to new patients? If you are so worried about the effects of the CDC and the WHO hypotetical vaccine (so far there is none, thus it is totally harmless) should you not advise people NOT TO CATCH THIS VIRUS? and if it does not exist, why do you advertise hydroxycloroquine as “CURE”? If covid-19 does not exist or is a flu, then HCQ is snake oil……… and Trump is a charlatan…….. make up your mind.


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