Study Says Flu Vaccine Does Not Increase Covid-19 Risk

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A new study from Cleveland Clinic found getting vaccinated for the flu does not increase your risk of contracting COVID-19 or your chances of complications or death from the disease.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, also revealed the seasonal flu vaccine is an important tool to protect your health during the upcoming “twindemic” —the collision of the flu and COVID-19.

According to Science Magazine, scientists compared 13,000 patients who tested for COVID-19 at Cleveland Clinic and found those who had the 2019 vaccine had no variance in incidence or severity than the patients who were not vaccinated.

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  1. Tell that to the anti vaxxers about that. They’ll dispute it hands down. It matters not to them how many people lose their lives because of covid. They’ll change the facts to fit their narrative!

  2. As a Harvard trained health professional, it is below my dignity to engage with any ‘anti-vaxxer’. Period. The latter represent a faction of the American population who are not only uneducated; but, totally ignorant of basic self preservation; especially when it come to their children.
    Worse still, the ‘Frum’ anti-vaxxers seem to forget that “Ushmartem es Nifshoseicham” is also a ‘Mitzvah’. The latter, a “vort” attributed & emphasized by the “Chidushei HaRim, the first Gerrer Rebbe, to his youngest son, father of the ‘Sefase Emes’, during an illness. In their stance, these anti-vaxxers jeopardize, not only their own health; but that of their innocent children.


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