Study Shows Sugary Drinks Lead To Higher Cancer Risks

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A new study has linked drinking just a small glass of a sugary drink per day — 100 ml, about a third of a typical can of soda — to an 18% increase in overall cancer risk and a 22% increase in risk for breast cancer.

The research, which looked at more than 100,000 French adults, links consumption of sugary drinks to an increased risk of some cancers. This follows a recent study linking sugary beverage consumption to greater risk of premature death.

“The results indicate statistically significant correlations between the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and risk of all cancers combined, and of breast cancer,” said Ian Johnson, nutrition researcher and emeritus fellow, Quadram Institute Bioscience, who wasn’t involved in the research.

“Surprisingly perhaps, the increased risk of cancer in heavier consumers of sugary drinks was observed even among consumers of pure fruit juice — this warrants more research,” Johnson told the Science Media Centre in the UK.

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  1. Thank you President Trump for repealing the 1939 CRUEL Cancer Act. The Cancer Act makes it illegal for doctors to offer alternatives to chemo or for any person to advertise a cure for cancer. Doctors are not legally allowed to offer or advise on alternatives for fear of criminal prosecution and the loss of their licence to practice. All, so that everyone is driven into the poison of chemotherapy and Big Pharma will not lose their millions of dollars / British pounds at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives per year! Hashem Yerachem!

  2. I would love to understand how any of the above comments relate to the topic ?!?!?
    Every doctor I ever met will tell you to stay away from sugary drinks because they are poison. It’s a no brainer.
    Sounds to me you guys are the ones with the agenda…


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