Study: Thin Women, Heavy Men Make The Most Money


stomachIn a country plagued by obesity, eating disorders, and the all-too-common pressure to simply look good, a new study finds that your waist size can play a role in your wallet size.

The study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, shows that skinny women tend to have fatter paychecks than average or overweight women.

The same can’t be said for men, however. Larger men are shown to have larger paychecks than their thinner brethren, according to the study. In fact, as a man’s weight increases, so does his salary – until the point of obesity, when his salary then drops.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in looking at the differences of earnings between men and women of different sizes, the study’s author discovered significant gaps. Women who weighed 25 pounds less than average-sized women in the sampling earned an average of $15,572 more. On the other hand, a woman who weighed 25 pounds more than normal-sized women made $13,847 less than their average counterparts.

Thinner men were just as unfortunate as heavier women, earning $8,437 less than average-sized men.



  1. This article makes the mistake of confusing correlation with causation. One would be hard-pressed to prove that one’s weight directly affects one’s salary; perhaps the salary affects the weight, or maybe they are both an outgrowth of a third factor.

  2. First a man becomes prosperous then he gets fat so it looks like fat men have higher salaries.When a woman gets a good salary she spends time in the gym and keeping herself trim. Women on lower salaries can’t afford that kind of luxury so they stay fat. #1 is right.

  3. Isn’t parnossah determined by the Ribono Shel Olam on Rosh Hashanah? Do you really think that He takes weight into account?

  4. I am aware of an obese man z”l that was told by a Choshuver Rebbe Shlita that his financial success is dependent on his weight loss.


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