Study: Too Much Homework in Elementary


A study published by the American Journal of Family Therapy found that students in lower elementary school levels are doing too much homework.

The recommended amount is about 10 minutes per night beginning in first grade, after which another 10 minutes is added every year.

The study reported that first graders were doing nearly 30 minutes a night which is three times the recommended amount. The consequences of too much homework are higher stress levels and potentially worse social skills. Read more at CNN.



  1. Because kids actually do all the homework by themselfs. Sarcasm! The time should be halfed considereing alot of kids tend to have somobody helping them with a decent amount of their homework. Thats if they do it at all!

  2. This is of course for children that come home at 3pm i.e. typical public school dismissal time. Our children that come home about 5-6 pm or later should have less…


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