Study: Yeshiva Students Learn Frequently During Bein Hazemanim


A survey taken by the Ministry of Internal Security found that the vast majority of yeshiva students learn frequently during bein hazemanim vacations426 of 545 youths from Beitar Illit near Yerushalayim who participated in the survey said that they learned frequently during bein hazemanim, 45 said that they learnt infrequently, and only 40 said that they did not learn at all.

Their favorite bein hazemanim activity was trips. 317 said that they enjoyed this activity frequently, 125 took infrequent trips and only 49 said they do not go on trips at all. Asked whether the bein hazemanim activities available to them were sufficient, 277 said they were sufficient to a very great extent, 129 said to a great extent, 68 said to a moderate extent, 17 to a small extent and only 9 thought that available activities were not sufficient at all.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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