Stumped: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know What It Means To ‘Go Viral’

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During a campaign stop in New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton was confused by what it meant for something to “go viral,” reports the Federalist.

The New York Times reports:

When a voter approached her at a polling station at Parker Varney School in Manchester, N.H., on Tuesday to ask for a picture, he explained that his friend had taken a selfie with the former first lady on Monday and he was jealous because the shot ‘went viral.’
‘You went viral?’ Mrs. Clinton said to the man’s friend. ‘That sounds like some kind of disease.’

It’s no surprise that the grandma-turned-presidential-candidate has a hard time keeping up with everyday lingo the kids use nowadays. During her tenure as secretary of State, she had a hard time working her computer and accessing her emails on it.

This isn’t the first time technology has gotten the better of Clinton. She once fought and lost a one-woman battle with a fax machine, which resulted in requiring assistance from an aide, before ultimately giving up on sending that fax.

Her incompetence in general and dependency upon her staff for even basic things is documented in numerous emails the government has released to the public as part of an investigation into her habit of using a private, unsecured email account to send and receive classified information while she was fourth in line for the presidency.

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  1. She has got bigger problems then that. There is nothing wrong with not knowing that information. A lot of old timers, including my parents, dont know what all these modern day expressions mean.


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