Stunning Upset: Two GOP Veterans Tossed from Monroe Town Board

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kiryas-yoelTwo veteran Republican members of the Monroe Town Board, Don Weeks and Peter Martin, were tossed out in favor of two Democrats last night. The outcome was a stunning reversal of years of a traditional stronghold on the board. Weeks has been on the board for more than 30 years and Martin for 20 years.The voting bloc in the Chassidishe Village of Kiryas Yoel apparently influenced the outcome of the race, as the powerful bloc instructed its kehillah members  to back Democrat Gerard McQuade. Both McQuade and Democrat Richard Colon won their seats.

Martin has enjoyed the support of the main voting bloc in Kiryas Yoel in at least the last two elections, and it was unclear yesterday why that support shifted.

Speaking by phone prior to the election results, Martin said he believed the switch in loyalty was influence by Harley Doles, the lone Democrat on the Town Board who is married to town justice candidate Maria Vazquez-Doles.

“Harley Doles is the Karl Rove of Monroe politics,” Martin said, “and he has chastised the incumbent Republicans for benefiting from a block vote, while the whole time he’s been over there trying to get that block vote on his side, and from the sound of things it looks like he’s accomplished that.”

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  1. There is a love for the democracts and their liberal social ‘welfare’ programs. I guess the monroe kehilla needs to cash in on these programs. Free money by taxing the working, middle class society. Come and get it!!!!


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