STUNNING WATCH: Steinmetz and Yedidim Perform Rosh Hashanah Medley

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Watch a just-released clip of Motty Steinmetz and the Yedidim Choir perform a Rosh Hashanah Medley with Aaron Teitelbaum Productions.


The Schapira-Scharf wedding was held Tuesday September 6 2016 at Ateres Avrohom Hall in Williamsburg. Music was performed by the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions Conducted by Maestro Yisroel Lamm with keyboardist Meir Adler, as well as singers Shloime Daskal, Isaac Honig and Motty Steinmetz. accompanied by the Yedidim Choir

The chosson, Akiva Schapira, is a grandson of the previous Sadigura Rebbe, the Ikvei Abirim zt”l. He is a son of Rav and Mrs. Pinchos Schapira, rov of the Sadigura Shul in Tel Aviv.

The kallah is a great-granddaughter of the previous Sadigura Rebbe, the Ikvei Abirim zt”l. She is a daughter of Rav Shlomo Scharf, who is a son of Rav and Mrs. Shmuel Scharf of Boro Park, the Ikvei Abirim’s son-in-law and daughter.



  1. It’s takeh very nice.
    Where do these people get such money to pay for such performances with full bands and singers? There are so many people struggling that can’t put food on their table. Just saying.

  2. יהי רצון…… that all of klal yisroels tefillos be mekubal by hakadosh baruch hu! may we be zoche lebias goel tzedek bekarov!

  3. Spectacular

    Motty is moving Klal Yisroel were is already Moshiach
    we are up to the month of Elul again the fear is
    Tangible Yet such ahavas yisroel
    mom-ish amazing lifting the neshumah to greater heights

    thanks so much


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