Sukkah Guide for New Jersey Hospitals


sukkah1New Jersey – The following is a guide for those who have to spend time in a hospital during Sukkos. The list of hospitals and where the sukkahs are located at each facility is provided by Chessed of Lakewood.

Click here to view the guide. (Allow a minute for the file to load.)

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  1. You are a charedi Jew, #3 – aren’t you? And you can’t understand five simple Hebrew words??

    So much for all the money your poor parents sacrificed for your tuition.

  2. Matzav, you do yourself and klall yisroel a tremendous disservice by allowing such comments. It certainly lowers your standards and your esteem.

  3. Wicked comment to a fellow jew. Some of us are not even born into ultra orthodox communities and would not know hebrew.

  4. Translation of #1:
    Sick people and those who serve them are not obligated in Succah.

    While that may be the halacha, staying with a sick friend/relative might not be considered serving them.

  5. Re 3: well, anonymous, your cover’s blown. Someone evidently knows you well enough to know that you should have known it says, sick people and their attendants are patur (exempt) from the succah. (;-D)

    Re 4: neat trick. How did you know?

  6. Dont make a big deal and realize that he wrote it that way since it’s probably easier for him and the other one wants these comments to be EQUAL in sharing. But #1 what about a casual visitor to the hospital is he potur? or the kids of a pregnant woman? even so whats the big deal if someones trying to help out others?


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