Sukkos with Misameach


Zman Simchaseinu takes more effort for some than for others. When families among us need an extra infusion of simchah, they know they can rely on Misameach.

Misameach’s busy Sukkos season began even before Yom Tov did, with an amazing pre-Sukkos event at Bounce U. As the hectic race to Yom Tov reached its crescendo in every home, parents desperately needed a reprieve, with families of sick children juggling even more than the average busy family. Misameach’s event took the children out of the home for a few hours of quality fun on the day before Erev Yom Tov, so their parents could more easily prepare for Yom Tov. There was hot food, raffles, music  and gifts, with plenty of bouncing and smiles, of course!

On Sukkos itself, Misameach’s dedicated volunteers were out in full force, performing a private Simchas Bais Hashoevah again and again, in homes and hospitals, so that the ill and the homebound could enjoy a taste of the beautiful Sukkos joy that the rest of us take for granted.

Misameach’s brand new Family Center saw nonstop action as well, with many, many ill children and their families enjoying quality family time there over Yom Tov.

As always, Misameach succeeded in bringing joy to so many families during the incredible season of joy.



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