Sukkot Medley – Dudi Knopfler & Crew


Dudi Knopfler amazed us again with new music. Now, just in time for Yom Tov Sukkas he’s here with a fantastic new music video that will get you into the Sukkas atmosphere! You’ll love sitting in the Sukkah singing and enjoying with your family & friends, on this special time which Hashem gave to us; his children.

In this video Dudi combined 3 beautiful songs,

Song 1) A Sukkah’le, an old traditional song with alot of Neshamah to it.
Song 2) Ich Zitz Mich in Mein Sukkah’le, a brand new beautiful release composed by Chesky Weiss and Sung by MBD & Yeedle Werdyger a song full of ‘Heart & Soul’. And to wrap it up Dudi added
Song 3) Vsumachtah, a brand new release too, but this in uplifting vibes composed by Anshie Friedman recorded & released by Levy Falkowitz & Avrum Mordche Schwartz of his new album Kruvim Elyonim.

Sit Back & Enjoy. Don’t forget to like!

A Mudio Production
Music Arranged by: Lipa Brach

Mix by: Efrayim Berkowitz – Keabird Studios, Monroe NY.
Video Arranged & Directed by: Gedalya Weiser – GW Lighting
Filmed & Edited by: Shmueli Steinberg – Shoot Studios
Technical Production & Assistance by: Yossi Shick – Arrange It Production Team

Keys: Lipa Brach
Drums: Chesky Schwartz
Bass: Shloime Spilman
Guitars: Nachmen Dryer
Video Props by: Decorial Florist, Monroe NY.
Video Sponsored by: Glaubers Clothing


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