Sullivan County: Everyone Must Wear Masks

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  1. The letter doesn’t say what the headline reads. The letter specifically states “outside our homes and social distancing isn’t possible”.

  2. No, not wearing a mask means i get to decide if I’d rather believe corrupt, lying officials who have a political agenda or the science that shows masks dont help and rather harm by lowering oxygen levels and increasing viral load.

  3. Sullivan County :
    Did you research this?
    I sincerely doubt you did :
    The true and long term devastating effects of mask wearing
    Let me be clear on this on the mask issue. I‘m someone who studied immunology as part of my health studies and graduated. In NO way is wearing a mask ever recommended for general health. It’s actually the opposite of what you think, as ANY form of lack of inhalation will suppress the immune systems functions. You hear constantly from people wearing masks “I can’t breathe“ and guess what the oxygen is being restricted. What mask wearers are actually creating in the long run is actually running a much greater risk for them not only catching the infection and mutating the infection but also having a suppressed immune system from ANY virus or bacteria. High Co2 levels and lack of oxygen are just the beginning of the chain of effects of the mask as most processes of the body require optimal O2 levels. Any given time you have cells also turning malignant within the body that require not only proper oxygen levels to be eradicated by optimal o2 levels but also a functing immune system. We will see an extreme uptick in cancer and other diseases that will overwhelm our health system far greater than covid ever will. The devastation from mask wearing will be horrific and long term also transferring to babies in wombs as pregnant woman will no Ben getting proper oxygen to their growing babies. Most diseases you already have will be intensified based on how much you wore a mask. I see people wearing it in their cars and I can guarantee they also wear it at home. The chain reaction being caused by the masks will in the very near future cause devastating health effects and prolonged suffering far greater than covid. Let me be clear on this “IT IS NOT HEALTHY TO WEAR A MASK”. No doctor would ever tell you that wearing a mask is good for your health. You are not thinking of the long term health effects of wearing a mask only the short term aspects of a viral infection that targets people that have weakened immune systems. Congrats you have just made yourself wearing a mask A target for the virus. Viruses are Earths/ nature’s way of cleansing itself to maintain healthy cells(bodies) within it When you try and stop this process you are playing with fire. Viruses are part of earths immune system to help maintain itself. It amazes me how opposite humans get things like this.

    • wanna explain why in asian countries like china and japan where its been part of the culture for years to wear masks that these things havent shown?


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