Super-Sol Ad in Yediot Calls On Readers to make Kiddush

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nochi-danknerIn an attempt to strengthen its relations with the chareidi community, the Super-Sol grocery chain published a flier in last weekend’s Yediot Achronoth calling on readers to recite kiddush on Shabbos. The flier, entitled “Friday is reserved for my family,” includes bracha’s words and a bit of advice: “Talk, laugh and dine together. There’s one day of the week that you can sit town with the entire family and get connected.”Super-Sol had also distributed the handout in July before the launch of its daughter chain Yesh, which targets the chareidi community. This move was coordinated with the boycott underway against its rival, Blue Square’s Shefa Shuk. The flier comes after advertisements by Super-Sol offering special deals on products related to the Shabbos Seudos

The renewal of the campaign may be related to Supersol’s attempt to counter a boycott being conducted against it.

Some three weeks ago, some in the chareidi community circulated fliers of their own criticizing Nochi Dankner, the chain’s controlling shareholder. Dankner’s business was accused of chillul Shabbos.

One side of the poster declared: “Fact! Nochi Dankner, the owner of Yesh, is the biggest of mechallel Shabbos.” The other side detailed a list of Dankner’s businesses, entitled “It’s time to uncover the truth. Nochi Dankner is the biggest mechallel Shabbos of his generation.”

Unlike the fliers that led to the boycott of Dudi Wiessman’s chain Shefa Shuk, which were signed by a committee of chareidi rabbonim, the ones aimed at Super-Sol were anonymous, and the committee of chareidi rabbonimpublicly objected to a boycott of Supersol.

Based on customer traffic at a Yesh outlet in Bnei Brak over the past week, the campaign doesn’t seem to have had any effect within in the chareidi community.

{Yair Newscenter/Haaretz}



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