Superwealthy Looking To Buy Access To Covid-19 Safe Havens

Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Mountain in Honolulu, Oahu Island, Hawaii
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The next time the world’s rich are forced into lockdown, they would like to have an escape ready to a remote and sunny beach. Or perhaps to New Zealand, one of the few countries that has eliminated Covid-19.

They are willing to pay for the privilege, of course.

They can turn to programs that guarantee citizenship or residency in exchange for investment in the host country, using specialty firms such as Henley & Partners, the world’s biggest citizenship and residency advisory firm. With the persistent threat of viral infections and sudden lockdowns, the company is helping those with deep pockets buy access to a safe haven.

For instance, you can acquire the right to live, work and study in New Zealand if you part with NZ$3 million ($2 million) or NZ$10 million, depending on the type of investor resident visa you choose. About 1.2 million euros ($1.4 million), including a property purchase, will get a married couple citizenship in Malta.

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    • CORONA BELIEVERS ARE UNDER ANAESTHESIA: a state of controlled, temporary loss of sensation or awareness that is induced with medical actions. It’s amazing how they’re sleeping through the most important events of the world, choosing some faux virus over what’s actually happening that the planet is being cleansed and corona virus is a cover, they will not grasp trustworthy reports like your link just like they wouldn’t even trust the CDC and WHO that masks do not protect for virus. It’s shocking how 80% (or more) of the world can let themselves be fooled like that.

  1. New Zealand was highly “infected” with corona criminals, probably one of the worst, and they’ve been working a while to cleanse that country. Does this mean that the Invisible Enemies have been all been coronavirused?

    • um, no. it means that they did a lockdown and it worked. they did a poll and and it came out that people actually trust health officials instead of thinking everything is a conspiracy theory. its because everybody listened to the rules that the virus essentially went away over there. new zealand is the worst thing for conspiracy theorists to see, because it shows that everything that every country in the world has been saying is true (somehow not like the conspiracy theorists).

      • Are you saying that during lockdowns police went shooting the flu and fever out of the people? FYI lockdowns in the world have NOTHING to do with any medical sickness. The lockdowns are in order to arrest the corona criminals worldwide – the invisible enemy. A great trip for your summer vacation would be Gitmo, and you’ll prove it all yourself. FYI NZ had loads of these criminals. Just because Fake News hasn’t reported it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Only a fool would believe that coronavirus is a medical issue when it’s only politicians giving all the reports since day one. Don’t you wonder why we don’t hear from hospitals, doctors, physicians?


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